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Mike has been involved in Risk Management for 10 years - his first encounter happened whilst he was embedding risk management into a corporate IT company. He got a call whilst on his horse and was asked to manage risk for a major new airport; within 1 day, he flew out to Dubai and spent time assisting the project team!

Mike co-authored the OGC’s For Successful Risk Management: Think M_o_R®, has written articles in Managing Business Risk, and has given talks around the world on embedding risk management. Risk Management consulting assignments include work for a variety of sectors, but primarily heath and IT!

We have really enjoyed putting this guide together and I sure that you will find it a valuable source of reference.

Mike Ward

Once you've been on a risk management course and put little yellow sticky notes all over the pages of the manuals to help you pass the exam, how do you find what you want in a practical way when you come to apply the method? How do you learn from what's in the heads of those practitioners and consultants who've been there before? How do you find what you want to know without reading the manual from start to finish again (especially when your yellow sticky notes have long since fallen off)?

So welcome to a new way to learn about risk management in your organisation.

This is a wiki based book of knowledge that allows you to navigate it in your own way and at your own pace. You can use this to supplement the manuals, as an alternative to formal training, or just to see what the thought leaders are actually thinking. You can also benefit from hints and tips, which we hope to grow over time with your input.

I hope you enjoy what you see. If you do, or if you don't, please feel free to email me at nigel.bennett@rsmuk.com

Nigel Bennett
Wiki meister


John was the first M_o_R® Registered Consultant (001) to be appointed. As an Accredited M_o_R® Instructor he has led Practitioner courses since 2006.

John authored two accredited M_o_R® Courseware packages, co-authored the OGC’s For Successful Risk Management: Think M_o_R®, and contributed to the IRM’s publication on Business Risk Management.

Consulting assignments include developing risk management policies, strategies and process guides and helping clients save time and money and maintain their reputation through effective risk management practices.

John Humphries
Consultant and contributor

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